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Documentary 2016 - 8'

Premiere at Document Human Rights Filmfestival

A personal reflection about the relation between a man and his peculiar life and work circumstances. The film focuses on details, like the protagonist, and gives insight in a major problem of society: the temporal housing of victims of war.

Part of the series '4x7'

Script, sound, edit: Ellen Vermeulen
Camera: Jonathan Wannyn
7' - s16mm - 1:1,85
Production: De Chinezen


Documentary 2014 - 70'

Festivals: Visions du Réel - Special mention, MOOOV, Docville, Pärnu IDFF - Filmfestival Oostende - Nomination Ensor, Kasseler Dok Fest - Nomination Golden Key - This Human World, Porto/Post/Doc - in competition, This Human World - DocPoint Helsinki, One World Prague - in competition, Movies that Matter - in competition - Flemish Filmweek Strasbourg, Addis Ababa FF, Nederlands Film Festival - Document 2015 Glasgow, Open City London, Fokus Labe

Winner Fried Van Hoof aWard- Human Rights Unltd.

Nominated for Dr. Guislain Award

“In the land of the blind, I am the one-eyed king.”, says Wilfried. This country is in prison Merksplas and the blind, they are the internees. The only thing they have in common is their date of release: 31/12/9999. This film tells the story of some mentally ill criminals not being held responsible for their actions but still locked down. Without treatment and without an end date.
‘9999’ descends into the limbo of Belgium and looks some internees who are pining away in a prison, straight in the eye. The film disappears under lock and key, where time loses all common sense, and tells us of an unreal injustice. We end up in a narrow world where imagination is obliged to transcend reality and we wander through landscapes of senses of men on the edge of society.

Camera: Jonathan Wannyn
Editor: Dieter Diependaele
Sound design: Dieter Diependaele and Ellen Vermeulen
Mix: Raf Enckels
Production: Associate Directors
Supported by Flanders Film Fund
In association with Lichtpunt
In cooperation with Liga voor Mensenrechten & Orde van Vlaamse Balies


Literaire Meesters - LIZE SPIT

Part of the series 'Literaire Meesters'
Script, sound, edit: Ellen Vermeulen
Camera: Jonathan Wannyn
15' - Arri Amira - 4:3
Production: Off World


TANJA, 1/10
Documentary 2013 - 30'

Tanja is a young, hard working, single mother, investing all her scarce time in raising her two small kids, whilst trying to pay back the debt she has inherited from her mother.

1/10 is a documentary series (5 × 30 minutes) that subtly reveals different situations of families dealing with poverty in Flanders, one of the richest regions in Europe. The series is built up by five episodes that all together form a circle of life: from child to adult to elderly. The five stories complement each other and make the experience of poverty transparent.


Camera: Jonathan Wannyn
Editor: Ellen Vermeulen en Dieter Diependaele
Composor: Amatorski
Sound Designer: Raf Enckels
Production: Associate Directors


Documentary 2012 - series of 6 films

6 artists. 6 visitors. 6 portraits.
TRACK is a unique art experience, initiated by the S.M.A.K. in the public and semi public space of the city of Ghent. 'Trace Tracking' invites the spectator to re-interpret the art of TRACK.

Camera and editor: Ellen Vermeulen
Produced by Ambrosia's Tafel


Documentary 2011 - 30'

'Here with me' is a documentary about some residents of the psychiatric elderly home of the Dr. Guislain institute.

Camera and editor: Ellen Vermeulen
Produced by Ambrosia's Tafel


Archive based film 2010 - 11'

'Le Voyage N°1' is a personal reflection on the poem of Baudelaire.
Editor: Ellen Vermeulen
Archive: Huis van Alijn


Documentary 2005 - 16'

Tuwaqachi is a short documentary build around the four phases of perception. From signal to noise. Time muses about the Hopi myth and our fourth world: Tuwaqachi; a story drowned in noise.

Camera: Pieter Van Alphen
Editor: Bram Willems
Composer: Sevara Nazarkhan
Sound Designer: Bart Fierens and Stijn Van Cauter
Production: RITS filmschool